Silver Lining Herbs

Silver Lining Herbs is a world leader in natural herbal support for horses and dogs. As a master herbalist it is important to me that the herbal supplements that we purchase for our equine and canine is top quality.

Silver Lining Herbs has a state of the art processing facility where they blend their formulas, then package and inventory them for shipment to you. See the Silver Lining difference through:

  1. Pristine, clean facilities for absolute purity in the product.
  2. Each herb supply is checked upon arrival at our facility, and rejected if it does not meet their high standards. Random samples are sent to accredited labs for analysis for foreign material or ingredients.
  3. A sample from each herb supply is inventoried for three years for quality control reasons.
  4. Only the highest quality raw herbs are used. Herbs are graded, much like meats and produce, with the highest quality ones earning the investment of powdering and the lesser-quality ones going to make teas and “cut and sift” herb supplements (e.g. the ones that look like tea leaves) which feature lots of wasted bulk in stem fiber.
  5. All Silver Lining herbal formulas are powdered, for a consistent, concentrated efficacy throughout the bag. Just a small scoop packs a big punch, with each bag lasting about two months.

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