Selecting an oil

Using essential oils with your horses is a great way to support their health, naturally.  While they are by no means a replacement for veterinary care, they can be helpful as a supplement to help your horse stay healthy and happy.

Essential oils are used with horses to aid their body’s natural ability to heal itself and to provide comfort and promote proper healing. It is always important when using essential oils with animals to first introduce the essential oil them prior to actually using it.  Remember, not all essential oils can be used with horses.

To introduce an essential oil to your horse, simply hold out the bottle, with the cap on, for the horse to smell it.  Next, take the cap off of the bottle and let your horse smell it again.  Some signs that the horse is interested include moving their ears forward, licking and chewing, inhaling the oil.  If they are not interested the horse will move away or turn their head.  Any oil that your horse turns away from should not be used on them that day.  Their response will be very clear and uniquely expressed. 

Many times the equine just wants to smell the oil, especially if it is an emotional problem.  Just as a horse knows instinctively which plants or grasses to graze on and which to avoid, the same is true of essentials oils.