Safety 1st

Although essential oils are natural substances, they should be used with care as they are highly potent and can be toxic if misused. It is important that you educate yourself and/or seek qualified advice before using them on your animals.

  • ALWAYS dilute essential oil prior to application with a carrier oil.  Using undiluted oils can cause serious damage to the mucous membranes.
  • Do not take internally unless you are under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian
  • Do not put oils on a halter
  • Do not diffuse in an area where the horse (or other animals) can not leave
  • Do not put oils directly in eyes, ears, nose or genital areas
  • Do not put oils in a water bucket
  • Caution should be used around animals that are pregnant, nursing, young, or on certain medications
  • Observe your horse’s behavior when using or applying essential oils.
  • Remember the principle of “Less is More” when using essential oils

Most importantly, essential oils should never be forced on animals. The only time we have seen adverse reactions is when choice is removed.

When properly used, Essential Oil Therapy is safe and non-intrusive.

IMPORTANT: In the event of an adverse reaction, dilute with a carrier oil – skin irritation is the most common, and most reactions resolve within 24–48 hours after oil exposure.