Essential Oils

As a certified aromatherapist and professional member of NAHA I would love to teach you safe use of essential oils for your family.

Essential oils can have therapeutic health and emotional benefits for dogs. They have been found to be effective for treating a variety of common issues including anxiety, skin problems and even digestive issues.  If you select essential oils that are safe for dogs and dilute them appropriately, they are safe to use and are an effective therapeutic treatment for a wide variety of disorders.  In this paper we will discuss three main systems; nervous, digestive and integumentary. 

Aromatherapy is when essential oils are extracted from bark, flowers, roots, leaves, seeds, stems, or the fruit of a plant.  The oils can then be diluted in carrier oil and rubbed into the skin or inhaled using a diffuser or directly from the bottle.

Animal aromatherapy can help prevent and treat illness in your pet.  The use of essential oils can also help to improve your dog’s immune system and their resistance to disease.  The benefits of essential oils for humans can also transfer to our furry friends.  If used correctly, some of the benefits include:

  • Safe, natural alternative
  • Non toxic
  • No harmful side effects
  • Able to penetrate through a dog’s skin and cell membranes immediately
  • Enriched immune systems
  • Help heal injuries
  • Bring balance to their body and mind

As a certified aromatherapist I want to ensure that I am only using the highest quality essential oil and that is why we use Plant Therapy in our home and business.